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BYO modem not working

Level 2
I am trying to change the modem to a modem with more range capabilities
(Linksys velop)
I have entered in PPPoE and my username and password but it still won't connect
Linksys velop Vlan id start from (5-4094)
Can not set vlan id =2
What can I do? Need help.
Level 15

Hi @lh1018bb . What type of NBN connection do you have?


This from the Linksys website:

Resolving the VLAN ID error when setting up your Velop

Scenario:  I tried setting up my Velop system using a PPPoE connection with VLAN ID to 1 and 2.  Why is it not working?
The Velop's VLAN range starts at 3, as 1 or 2 are reserved for the ethernet driver's internal use and therefore cannot be reassigned.  If you try to change the VLAN to 1 or 2, you will see the error message, "VLAN ID is not in range, VLAN ID should start with 3."
Velop could be used on FTTP connection which doesn't use VLAN ID.
You could change to a BYO Router data only plan which doesn't use VLAN ID.
Or, get an extender for your current router; or a different brand of mesh unit.