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Belong 4353 - can't change DNS

Level 2
Hi all,
First day on TPG and we can't get on the web. We have a Belong 4353 that we previously used with an Optus service.
However after signing in with the TPG credentials, it won't connect to the internet.
Can anyone advise the proper IP, DCHP etc setting to use? I am locked out of changing the DNS settings.
Thanks in advance!
Level 15

Hi @Shivoopsy . TPG needs PPPoE, your username and password. If you are not on FTTP, it needs VLAN ID=2 (vlan tagging). DHCP and DNS addresses are sent to the router from TPG when it connects.

This note from Whirlpool: (FTTB, FTTN, FTTC, HFC all use VLAN ID)

To most providers the 4353 can be used for NBN FttC such as Superloop, Aussie BB, Optus etc. but not those who require both WAN = PPPoE AND VLAN ID Tagging ( for the TPG Group it is a value of 2 ) which the 4353 cannot ( it can't do VLAN ID Tagging ).


If this is the case, there is a new BYO router plan (data only, no phone) which doesn't use VLAN ID.