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Bridge mode setup - TPG guide from 2018 out of date?

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Hi there,
I have a set of tp-link deco mesh networking devices and would like to set up my modem (Archer VR1600v) as a bridge. When I go into Advanced --> Network --> DSL there is already a connection set up. If I try to add a bridge and set the VLAN ID to 2 it says I'm unable to as it's already in use. Below I have linked the TPG guide I found to set it up. I don't know if I have to delete anything (didn't want to try just in case something goes wrong) or just use a different VLAN ID Number. 


Given the option to restore settings has been removed from the firmware and I'm not sure if it will be properly resored on reset I'm less inclined to just try it in case I mess it up.

Any and all help is appreciated. 

Thank you Smiley Happy


Old TPG bridging guide: How to turn on bridge mode on the TP Link 1600v - TPG Community


Hi @robfranken


Thanks for raising this with us.


In order to use the VLAN ID 2, you need to delete the 'pppoe_ptm_2_0_d' that uses it for the original setup.

Performing a factory reset to the modem/router will restore the changes that you've made.


Let us know if you need further assistance.