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Bridging Archer VR1600v routers

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Level 2
Level 2
Sorry for the delay. I tried rebooting them and even having them off for 1hr unplugged to see if there was any residual power holding onto anything.

No go.

The master log doesn't note anything.

The biggest issue is that the slave wifi is uncontactable after unenabling the DHCP everytime.

I might just buy another modem and spare myself this issue.

Thanks for trying to help!
Level 15

Could you try turning off wifi on both routers; button on top of unit. On the slave, use your computer to change the ip address (dot 10), reconnect to new ip address, disable dhcp on slave, save and reboot. While slave is rebooting, connect computer to main unit, connect cable between units.

When slave is up, try to ping it (dot 10).

If that works, move computer to slave. Try to ping main unit (dot 1). Then try internet.

If not, can't think why. There are articles in Community on this. Search for "second router".

And on internet.

One option is to connect to WAN port on slave.