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CWMP Conflict on Archer MR200 v4.2

Level 2
Can anyone help with a firmware update? I keep adding my IP to the DMZ but its conflicting with CWMP service, kind regards, ty
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Level 15

Hi @MrJ22 . Have you enabled CWMP (also called TR-069) in the menu system?

If not, does it have a default setting enabled?

Otherwise, it has been enabled invisibly in the router firmware. If this is the case, I don't see how DMZ option can ever work.

To test this, do this command on your computer:

telnet 7547

A blank screen or a message that comes back immediately means port 7547 is open in the router. Setting DMZ option means opening all ports to the designated device which conflicts with forwarding port 7547 to the router.

The TP-Link web site does have a version 5.2 firmware. Just need to be careful doing it.

Their support line might have more info.