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Can i buy a modem off the shelf?

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Hi There, 


I have a Huawei TPG supplied modem, and tonight there was a power surge and the modem appears to be fried (it won't come back on, all other electrical devices connected come back fine). I have a VOIP service on my account. Am i able to buy a TP-LINK AC1600 Modem Router Archer VR600v off the shelf at a retailer and configure it to work? 


I've been trying to speak to someone on the tech support phone to see if possible but i've had to call 3 times now as i keep getting disconnected from being on hold after 20min of waiting?



Community Manager

Hi @ianaust,

As per our phone conversation. Your new modem has been shipped.

The tracking number has been SMS to you so you can track the progress of the delivery.

If you need help using StarTrack website just click here and follow the steps in the community article.