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Can not make any contact with TPG

Level 2

How am I supposed to contact TPG?


I can't call - everytime I try to use the online chat it says that it is busy. I have tried emailing and have received no response. This is an absolute outrage! I understand this is unprecedented times, but no response to an email sent almost a week ago is unaccepatble.


I would like someone to contact me regarding my connection as I have no internet. I have contacted NBN and they tell me that the network shortfall has been resolved on their side and TPG need to make a new appointment with the NBN to finalise the job. I can't tell you to do that because I can't contact you!


If I have no response in 48 hours, I am cancelling my contract and going with a provider who can actually answer my enquiries.



Level 2

I'm so glad I'm not the only one I have had the same problem with tpg no response from them I've sent emails and cannot contact anyone through live chat I would cancel and get away from them but unfortunately am stuck on a contact no wifi for weeks have moved and they don't seem to care 

Level 2

How can we cancel contract? I want to go with a customer friendly provider 

Level 2
Hi Andrea I’m having the same problem let me know if you manage to get hold of them! I cant connect to the online chat and the one time i did it then kicked me out the queue. No response to multiple emails. My internet works barely - the internet drops out between every 2 to 5 minutes it’s not acceptable