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Can't connect to Chromecast

Level 2


My Chromecast says it can not connect to the wifi and that the AP Isolation needs to be disabled, how do I disable it?


I'm using TL-WR840N


already logged in to using "admin" as username & password but it's incorrect (I've never open/access it before)


Kindly need help


Thank you

Level 15

Hi @ganygore . Is the chromecast new or been working before? If working before, has something changed on the router to stop it?

Check on the label on the router just to check that admin password is correct. If so, and you can't remember what it might have been changed to, you have to do a factory reset back to default setup and do setup again. But you will need your TPG username and password.

The isolation setting is done by Wireless, Wireless Advanced screen. To disable isolation, untick the box that says Enable Client Isolation, then Save.