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Can you please unlock my Huawei HG659 Modem

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I've changed ISP. Went from TPG to Vodafone.


Now I want to use my TPG modem (Huawei HG659) with Vodafone, but it is locked.


Do not tell me that the modem is not locked, because I cannot change some of the settings that Vodafone is currently asking me to change to make it work.

I've called TPG support and it was mentioned that I should request Vodafone to help me, but Vodafone is trying to help me and I cannot change many of the requested settings.

Even when I reset the modem, I see that I still have some TPG configuration, and as per my readings, there is something related to the pre-configured firmware as well.


I appreciate if you could unlock it as I've paid for the modem already, so I should be able to use with other providers.



Hi @pedroaboim


Welcome to Community! 


For security reasons, the home phone component of your previous service with us is encrypted and requires the use of our modem to make and receive phone calls. Unfortunately, the company has made a business decision to not make the VOIP settings available for 3rd party routers.


If you are going to use the modem for internet access with the same type of technology which is Fibre to the Building, all you need to configure is the PPPoE username and password and you're good to go. 




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I am having the same problem, but changing just the PPPoE user/pass is not working. It says connected but the webpage won't open.


The routers seems to be locked into TPG's network as suggested by my another ISP provider.


Coud you please give us any solid and clear instruction on how we can unlock the modem so that we can setup with another configuration. This is frustrating to buy new modem for every other ISP change.


Is this even legal or are these included in terms and conditions.


Hi @ujjwalbhujel,


As mentioned above by my colleague. Our supplied modem/router's Authentication feature is not locked with TPG, this can be used on other ISP. In the event that it does not work, you will have to raise this with your ISP to confirm if there is an advance Authentication setting required to connect the modem to their network.

The Home phone/VoIP feature was locked by TPG for security purposes, this will not work using any 3rd party ISP.



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If TPG would be 'so kind' to provide quick and smart support to its customers, they would not be forced to go elsewhere. Your policy on modems won't save your customers, just create more waste in the world and further anger towards the dissenting TPG customer service.
Been with TPG for 8 or 9 years, always have hoped I didn't need to contact you and every time had to was I nightmare. Now I can't even chat with you. Ridiculous. That's what TPG customer service is. Sorry.
Bye. Come and collect your 'beautiful' Huawei modems and recycle them.