Citrix VPN

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Hi everybody,

I have a TPG plan "NBN Broadband SL Bundle 100" and Netgear R7000P router.

My wife cannot connect to her work network via our setup.

Have tried it on another home network and it works fine.

The work computer that we are having issues with runs a Citix VPN and also has Z-Scaler.

Using either ethernet cable or Wi-Fi we can connect to the router and can be seen as a connected device on the router.

We can get a connected session on the Citrix VPN, but cannot get any further and not even to a page like

Wondering if there are any constraints on the TPG side that would be not allowing the work computer to connect to the work network.


Hi @mcw2411


There's no constraints from our end.

You may need to contact the support for Citrix VPN as they may need or require to open some port.



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Hi @mcw2411 . What is the model of the router on the other home network?

Did you look at the settings on it?

On your own router, is UPnP enabled?  Select ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > UPnP.

This is supposed to be enabled by default.

Are there any entries in the Portmap Table?

Anything similar on the other router?

I didn't find anything definitive on Z-Scaler. What does it do?