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Connect Archer 1600V to new AC1200

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Hi. We've just moved into a house with a different NBN connection and have been sent an AC1200 modem. Unfortunately the NBN box is in the garage with no LAN point anywhere near the loungeroom, and my TV and older NUK aren't wireless. Can I connect the Archer 1600v as a switch wirelessly to the AC1200 to access the internet?

Hi @blhughes 


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The devices can't be connected Wirelessly, but you may use the Archer VR1600v as an access point, which needs to be connected via Ethernet cable. You may refer to the previous post.


You may also contact NBN Co directly on 1800 687 626 to discuss the relocation of the NBN Connection/NTD box. Any transactions or arrangements will be between you and them only.