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Connect Orbi RBR50 directly to FTTC NBN NTD

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I would like to connect my Orbi RBR 50 router and satellite directly to the FTTC NBN NTD box and bypass the supplied Archer VR1600V modem. 


I tried on a number of occasions to do this with the Orbi in router mode, however, I was never able to connect to the internet. 


Is it possible to have this setup or do I need to connect through the Archer modem to access the internet?


If I have to use the Archer modem, how do I set up bridge mode and what settings do I have to enter in the Orbi setup (in router mode) to connect to the internet? 


Cheers, Bill


Hi @billfrau,


Welcome to TPG Community!


You need to set your Orbi RBR50 WAN port to have a VLAN ID 2 tagging.


Check the discussion of other customers who was able to set their Orbi device via NBN HFC. Here's the link: Netgear Orbi Connection Problems.


Please note that the VoIP home phone will not work on a third party device.


Let us know should you require further assistance.