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Connecting tp-link AX3000 router to VR1600v modem router

Level 2
I am hoping someone can provide simple instructions to connect my newly purchased AX3000 router to my existing VR1600v modem router.
The new router does not see the internet
Level 14

Hi @Stiles2013 . Is this an Archer AX50?

Is there a reason for keeping the VR1600 as the main router?

Are you using the VOIP phone or are you on FTTB/N?

On the AX50, change its ip address to, say, Disable DHCP and NAT. Connect LAN port to LAN port.

You can disable wifi on VR1600 and just use the AX50.

The remaining 3 ports on each router are useable.

Level 2
Thanks @david64
I am no tech so understand very little.
Yes it is an Archer AX50.
Unfortunately I am on a poor mans nbn (to the node) and the vr1600v is the modem. It’s wifi range was not great so thought the AX50 might extend a bit further (and future proof new devices hopefully getting a bit better speed).
If I turn off the wifi on the vr1600v will this assist anything at all on the AX50?
Level 14

@Stiles2013 . If you turn off VR1600 wifi, the AX50 wifi might be sufficient. If not, the AX50 should be cabled up several metres away to spread the wifi coverage.