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Connection constantly dropping in and out

Level 2

Last year my TPG internet got rolled over to NBN and received a new modem and ever since I have been on NBN the wifi connection is constantly dropping in and out, or sometimes the modem will completely turn itself off. I have reset the modem quite a few times too but it's done nothing. There are no outages in my area whenever it happens either so I'm not sure whats happening.. Has anyone else had this issue lately or at all since they got onto NBN? It's really frustrating especially paying $69.99 a month for internet that barely works!!


Hi @cgreen16 ,


Thanks for raising this to us. We're able to locate the account using your community details and we've seen that you have been in contact with one of our Technicians and raised this issue to our Engineering Team for further test and investigation. Assessment may take 24-48hrs updates will be provided via SMS or Phone call.


We apologise for any inconvenience.