Router hangs everyday

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Hi i have logged multiple help desk calls since the modem was installed. Lastly i thought the problem would be solved with a new modem but no luck. Almost daily sometimes multiple during the day the router freezes and the internet is stopped and will stay like this till rebooted. During the freeze all the lights are on the modem i am connected by LAN i can ping the router fine. But cannot access the ip address via  a webpage wifi devices show connected but no internet. I can print so not a local network issue. I thought it might be firmware but i have a new router is anyone else experience this as it looked like a router issue Archer 1600 and was gonna try a non supported modem next as i have spent too much of my life repeating the same info and sitting on the phone








Hi @skinnermichael ,


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We're sad to know that you're having issues with the connection, we're able to locate the account using your community details and ran an initial test. The result shows connected 4d 9h 56m. We'd like to confirm if you are using a 3rd party router connected to our supplied TP-Link vr1600. Also, if the devices connected via LAN/Ethernet cable are still connected when the issue occurs.

We recommend to perform a factory reset on the modem/router and let us know how it  will go.





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Hi Shane

Currently using second supplied TPG modem

It has done the same thing twice today now once around 3pm and again at around 4pm.

Not sure how it could have stated it was up for 4 days. Curious to see if these too hangs show up at least my reboots should

The router must be rebooted to fix. So it seems its not the routers fault as this is the second router and the first had a hard reset.

I have the similar setup at home it does it there but no where near as oftern as it does here.

I am consisidering using my own modem incase it is tpgs archer at fault

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I have been in the office since 2:30 it has now gone down again at 5pm 3 times today since i have been here.

this is not acceptable. And no response from TPG


Hi @skinnermichael


We are still not able to detect a line fault that can be service affecting. Also, the line showed connected for almost a day which is an indication that the signal from the line going to the modem is stable. 


Nonetheless, I have organised a call back to be made from our Technical team tomorrow, 20 January 2021 at 5PM SYD so they can assist check for any underlying cause.