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Covr 1102 - connection error - no internet

Level 2
Hi TPG Team, We have recently purchased a D-Link covr 1102 kit to improve the wi-fi in our home. I am not having any luck connecting this to our TPG service. Can you please assist? So far I have connected it to a yellow gateway port and gone through the setup with the "no password required" option. This didn't work. Then I went through the setup with connect with username and password and entered my TPG account login (dynamic IP), this didn't work. Then I copied the internet information from my account page, went through the above fashion, entering static IP and DNS server info. This didn't work. Happy to hear any other steps to assist?
Level 15

Hi @Ant_Rock . The VOIP phone service will not work without the Archer as the main router.

Look at this iiNet article on the Covr. It does FTTC and HFC. If you are on FTTP, ignore the VLAN ID part.