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D-Link COVR-X1873 Compatibility and Setup

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Hi there,


I would like to replace the TPG supplied TP Link AC1600 with a D-Link COVR-X1873 (Mesh 3 pack)


As you can gather from above, the TPG plan I'm on supplies the modem and from what I have read in this community I need to change my plan to a BYO modem plan to be able to use any other modem. I assume this has something to do with the firmware installed to enable the voice functionality. As I understand it if I change to a 3rd party modem router, I won't be able to connect a phone.


So my query is.

1. Do I in fact need to change my TPG plan and if so is there any interuption to service?

2. Does the D-Link COVR-X1873 work with TPG as my intention is to replace the original TPlink modem/router completely?

3. Does anyone else think this router is terrible (firmware is up to date). Happy to have my mind changed.




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Hi @NBNUserPrime . The COVR won't work on FTTB/N because it doesn't have a RJ11 DSL port. It connects to a NBN box.

You can stay on your NBN/VOIP plan and use another router but the voip won't work.

The manual for the COVR X1870 series has this:

Support 802.1p & 802.1q VLAN tagging and Priority bit

but doesn't say how to set it. FTTC/HFC connection needs VLAN ID=2 setting. But not FTTP.

Strangely enough, the BYO data only plans don't use VLAN setting.

There are complaints here about VR1600 reliability.




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Cheers - thanks for the reply - I will continue to investgate. Happy to lose VOIP,  rarely use it

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Hi David 

you seem to be pretty knowledgeable.. 


I want to ditch the TPG supplied modem and change to a X5400 wifi 6 router..

does this mean I loose my phone line (the land line phone) VoIP ..if I dont use a TPG modem ?



any advice would be great.



Hi @ABee


Welcome to the Community1


Do you know what type of NBN technology you have?

Your desired device is a router only, which means it will work for NBN FTTP (for bundled service).


If you are under the NBN FTTP technology, then VoIP will still work as it is connected directly to the NBN NTD box.


If you are under a different NBN technology (FTTN/FTTC/FTTB/HFC), then you need a VDSL modem/router as VLAN ID tagging is required for the service to work. If you'll use a third party device, then the bundled VoIP will not work.