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D-Link DIR-X5460 TPG Connection Issues

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I have recently upgraded to the Ultra Fast NBN and I have a FTTP connection. To take full advantage of the higher speeds my current modem the TP Link AC1200 is acceptable but not ideal for the new speeds of the Ultra Fast. I decided that I would upgrade my router to take advantage of the faster speeds. I refered to the list that TPG have published on there website when making my selection which lists the X5460 as a router that has been tested for the Ultrafast. So I purchased one from JB-HiFi hooked it up, turned it on, input the required details in the set up wizard and "no connection". I have since been through the labourious process of support from D-Link with the final conclusion that the Router was faulty. I returned the router to JB Hi Fi and was agonising over whether I should go for the refund or try another X5460 as it is possible that it was just a faulty router. I checked the TPG web site and it still had the X5460 on its list of routers for the Ultrafast NBN so I decided I would try again and with no success. I am about to go through the process of elimination with D-Link support to find out whether I have another faulty router. I noticed that another TPG customer had similar issues. Bought 2 off D-Link  X5460 units before trying another brand.

My question is - Is there a real fix for this issue or do I take the unit back to JB Hi Fi again. I see some replys on other posts with suggestions about changing settings but these are things that D-Link support made to me on the first unit. Do I really have another dud router or is the a quirk in the TPG connection settings that regular routers are not set up for??



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The regular router should work as long as it is compatible with the NBN technology.

For the FTTP service, the configuration should just be simple as the device needs to run as a 'Router only', which uses PPPoE connection.

If it did not work using the basic set up, then you may check it with the equipment manufacturer.


A customer used an ASUS RT-AX86U AX5700 and it worked well with his NBN service.