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connections between devices on TPG Router

Level 2

I am working on behalf or Waverley Woodworkers.  We have recently had TPG NBN installed which includes the Archer VT1600v Router.

We have a dust monitor device to which an Arduino with WiFi is connected.  There is an app running on the club PC which collects and stores the data gathered by the dust monitor.

This arrangment has been commissioned in my home office using my Vodafone modem and it works perfectly.

At the club, I can see both the PC and the Arduino when I view the Network Map.

I can see diagnostic output from the Arduino that shows it has successfully connected to WiFi. 

I can see diagnostic output from the app running on the PC showing it has instantiated a server and offered a connection to a client using TCP/IP.

However, the attempt by the Arduino to connect as a TCP client never eventautes.

The connection is using port 8888.  Do I need to do something to gwt the Archer config details to allow this connection.

Level 15

Hi @downibri . Has the club PC been given a fixed ip address on the local LAN? Say,

On the club PC, if you do     netstat -an    , do you see it listening on port 8888?

On the Arduino, the monitor program needs a setting to indicate the ip address of the club PC. The Arduino doesn't necessarily need a fixed ip address but might be more convenient.

Level 2

Thanks for your prompt reply.

After starting the PC app and seeing it get to the point where it is waiting for the Arduino to connect, netstat -an shows the PC LISTENING using TCP protocol at Local Address: (as well as ...:139) and Foreign Address

From the Arduino end, I try to connect using the name of the target device.  This worked on the Vodafone Router at home.  It seemed more flexible than fixing an IP address

Happy to try the latter.

Level 15

@downibri . I don't know about Arduino programming to know how it might use device name to contact the club pc. Unless it has a hosts file with the device name and its ip address. If there are several devices in the club (computers and wifi), if the router is restarted, this pc may get a different address which will stop the app working.

Level 2

I was reluctant to use the IP to connect for the reasons you suggest - it might change.

However, I have now done so and have been able to store it as config so I could change it if we moved to a different router and would need to restart but not re-compile.

So, on the router management interface, I have reserved the IP address for the device called Waverley01.

I have set up this IP value in the config file for the app.  (Very easy in Visual Studio)

Config for the Adruino is stored on an SD card.  It used to read: SSID, Pwrd, Server Name and Port number.  I now store Server IP on the card instead of Server Name.

Works fine.

Thanks for your help.