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DDNS service - NBN modem TP-Link

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Dear sir/madam,


I have moved to NBN service recently and lose my static IP address for my CCTV system. Could you please advise if I could buy a new modem comes with DDNS service from the modem vendor and replace my TPG modem ? In that case, I could keep my NBN residental plan and use my CCTV system. Please advise. Thank you.





I don't think there's any modem/router that comes with a preconfigured DDNS.

DDNS is a stand alone service.

You need to look for a DDNS service provider such as DynDNS and configure it on your device.

alternatively, you can change your plan to a Business grade NBN and get a static IP Address here's the link for details about our NBN Busisness Plan