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DNS issues - NBN FTTN - VX220-G2v

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I have intermittent connectivity issues which I believe to be DNS related.

I am on FTTN using a VX220-G2v. I was previously on HFC at our old house using the same modem.

Periodically, web pages will not load and I will essentially be offline, often Chrome reports there is no response from the DNS server. During these times the modem remains connected to the internet and there are no issues with the television which is also connected to the internet through the modem. 

I have updated DNS servers in the modem LAN settings to the google DNS servers and rebooted, however in the status section it still shows DNS servers as & 36. I have also changed to the google DNS servers in the connection settings on my PC but this has also not resolved the issue.

This is not a wifi issue as all devices are connected to the modem via ethernet cable.


Could you please assist.


Many thanks


Hi @jrcameron . On PC, do    nslookup

It shows what DNS is being used. Ping that DNS when all is running OK to get an idea of response time.

In the command window, type in a ping command with the DNS address. Just leave it sitting there for next occurrence of pages not loading. As soon as it happens, execute the ping command a few times. 

How does the response times compare with the normal response time?


I don't have instructions for VX220 but you can try this.

In router admin, go to Advanced, Network, DSL. Look for the interface with status Connected. Click Modify icon. Click Advanced. Tick Enable to specify DNS addresses. Enter address(es). Click Save.

If you have set DNS addresses in PC, router changes have no effect.

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Hi @david64 thanks very much for the reply


I've followed your instructions and have managed to change the dns servers in modem admin. 


I'll ping the servers if/when I have issues again.