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Enabling WDS on VR1600V

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@BasilDV wrote:

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Unfortunately, WDS is not supported on VR1600v.


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Why disable a basic feature when this functionality is clearly available in the base model of this modem as per the 3rd post in this thread where the manual from the mfr is provided with instructions how to access WDS??
I literally just got my FTTB hooked up today by your techs - and it's all good - but the building I'm in has very heavy thick concrete walls which creates quite DEAD dead zones - and there's no facility to cable a new phone point further down the hallway - so my bedroom is a very weak signal.

I have an older netgear that I can configure as a wifi repeater - but from everything I'm reading I need to be able to enable WDS in the TP-Link first.

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I have the same problem - not happy. This capability is standard - what is tpg going to do about it?

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WPS is an option by my ASUS does not connect, is there a TPlink repeater that is a suitable option?


Hi @NolanH and @Coli,


Due to security issues within the WDS function, we decided to disabled it.


You have options to improve your home WiFi network.


  • If you don't use or require a home phone service, then you may purchase a new VDSL modem that will support the WDS feature to set up your wireless repeater.
  • You may also purchase a Mesh network (TP-Link, Google, etc.) that will help strengthen your home network and eliminate the dead spots. This can be purchased to any PC or Electronic store.

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Is the WPS function also disabled ? Can I use a TP TL-WA850RE?

Hi Coli,


You may find this helpful article posted by created by JovemarL this will guide you on how to enable WPS TP-Link VR1600v. Feel free to visit this link.


You may purchase a Mesh network to improve wireless connection at your home, however we do not recommend any specific brand or model.

In case you have one, you will need to contact the manufacturer to get support on how to set up the device.


Let us know should you require further assistance.