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FTTP connected to a USG-3P

Level 3

Hi All, 

I was using TP-Link VR1600 in bridge mode connected to the USG and it works fine for FTTN


Now, I have just had FTTP connected.


I was supplied an updated modem, that doesn't have bridge mode enabled.   I would rather connect directly to the USG 3P which I believe is possible.


Has anyone had any success in connecting a USG Directly. 

I have attached the setting for the USG3P.

and yes I am aware that TPG can not offer any techinal advise.

Level 15

Hi @nelgnej . FTTP does not use VLAN ID so disable it in USG config. Then connect it to the appropriate UNI-D port.

Level 3

Hi @david64,

Thank you for reply

I will try again tomorrow.