Faulty NBN HFC modem

Level 2

My 91 year old neighbour has lost her Internet connection.

When I checked, the Archer VR 1600 router did not show an active WAN connection to the Arris CM8200B HFC NBN modem. I have restarted both devices.

I have the same connection type and by exchanging the routers have confirmed that her router is working ok.

I have also replaced the Ethernet patch lead between the devices - still no connection.

Seems to be a faulty NBN modem, possibly due to the electrical storm Friday night. (My equipment is all on a UPS)


Hi @armitage 


Thanks for conducting some troubleshooting, which saves us some time to identify the problem.


The account holder needs to contact us directly or our Support Team in order to raise this case with the NBN and have a technician visit to replace the hardware.