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Firmware update please send one

Level 2
Hey I mistakenly updated my fw with one letting see more menus in the modem. My internet’s been out for a day and I was trying to fix it. I got a technician coining out on Wednesday. And need to return to offical fw. Because in the menu CWMP Settings it had all your guys details ect in there. Well I did a factory reset trying to get back to where those setting were hidden and now my modem won’t go back. The menu is still available but now there is no info in there so Im worried I won’t be able to get issue’s with my connection resolved or you wound be able to set my dsl/ewan setting to the correct ones. Could someone see if they can remote into my modem or send a fw.bin file thanks

Hi @tonygwhak


We'd like to check on this case and see what we can do to restore your connection.

Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.