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HG659 Device Limit

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I've searched and apart from a firmware upgrade, which I'm sure I have, there seems to be no answer, especially from TPG Support.


The problem is that I'm showing an message advising me that my wifi access point is temporarily full. I checked the modem and yes, I do have 32 devices on wifi. However, having a disabled son, we use a lot of smart home devices (Google Nest, smart light bulbs, wireless front door opener/lock) as well as the standard mix of phones, tablets, laptops. I've had a look at settings in the modem but nothing jumps up as a way to increase the limit on devices.


Am I missing something or is the standard modem outdated? What can be done? Can TPG supply a modem (such as the TP-Link VR1600v ) that allows users to use the tech that they have or do TPG recommend a modem that can handle the demands of everyday life?




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