HG659 Firmware

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Hi @L_user as explained above the customised firmware used on the TPG supplied HG659 only supports NBN or FTTB, if you try and enter ADSL parameters it will not save them and will simply clear the fields on reboot.

The HG659 is used all over the planet by RSP's as a reliable and customisable solution, this is why you won't find a generic firmware on Huawei's support site.

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Yes, I did had a chance to speak with huawei at length about why they dont distribute the original firmware.
I also know for a fact it will and would work with the TPG firmware, because thats what was on it to begin with, and it was working, I stupidly flashed a different firmware on there and didn't know how to go back. Well this is the only way I get back Im afraid. Ill give you the benefit of the doubt, however I have never seen *any* router revert back to its original settings on reboot. To reset/restore a router you must hold a pin physically in the little hole on the back for about 10 seconds (whilst it's on). Theres not a router in the world that will change its own settings without a human beings direct manual intervention. It doesn't really matter in any case because it was working on my ADSL connection with the TPG firmware (as mentioned previous).

I think we need some more faith here. I get that the technicians wont release the actual firmware as a file and I totally understand that, but I reckon it wouldn't hurt just to send it to me. I may just have to go to North Ryde in person.

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Hi @L_user you seem to be contradicting yourself here, you say it was working on TPG firmware on your ADSL connection, but you don't have a TPG account and you have an iinet account and someone gave you the router and it had spark firmware on it etc etc.

 Secondly, I never said the router would reset itself or change it's own settings, I said that it would not save entered settings and would clear those fields on subsequent reboot, which is necessary to save settings.

By all means make the trek to North Ryde and take home a modem that is not compatible with any ADSL service.

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My last post may have seem a little convoluted, allow me to clarify.


When I had first plugged it in and powered it on, it had TPG firmware on it, and it was working on my connection (yes iinet). Then I went hunting for a firmware update and found a few firmwares (none of which originated from TPG or Australia at all for that matter), but started flashing nonetheless thinking I'd eventually find the TPG firmware. Surely enough I didn't find the TPG firmware, you guys haven't shared it for some dubious reason, so I eventually settled on the spark firmware cause incidentally it was the only one which would continue to allow the device to work. Now I want to go back to TPG firmware, its desireable, but given the router is fully working, not mandatory. Ive never seen or heard a router which resets all of its settings after a reboot, but ill take your word for it (even still, I could get it working in theory, I would just have to avoid rebooting it).


And lol, I'd love to do it just to prove a point about thinking outside the box...

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I'm reading this post and rolling my eyes as I identify with the typical ignorant response from TPG.


@L-User, you've downgraded by using a TPG supplied router. These routers come with a series of bugs which renders advanced features useless. I have a NBN TPG internet service and paid for this buggy router. After numerous and long conversations with TPG tech support who eventually referred me to Huawei and more lengthy conversations it was determined that the supplied modem features dont work. Check out forums in this community on port forwarding and DMZ. This unsolved case was marked as solved for a different user - what a joke: https://community.tpg.com.au/t5/Modems-and-Devices/Port-Forwarding-on-the-HG-659/td-p/112/page/2 . Do you have security cameras and want to access a controller? Forget that idea with this router.


Support is limited because the techs are not skilled enough for anything beyond a script. I ended up purchasing a different VDSL2 modem and it works perfectly. Do you think TPG would give a refund on a faulty router? Forget it. I made a mistake signing up to TPG. I moved from iiNet to TPG. iiNet were pretty good, but unfortunately they sold their souls at the expense of consumers. Lets not begin to talk about the $20 non refundable credit for the voice service which I never ever use and dont need. I will be adding to the list of ACCC investigation cases for TPG.





TPG are best known for providing poor support. People are sick of this. A company this big could be amazing, but evidently that it is not one of the company values.



Hi @SR_user,


Thank you for taking the time to provide the feedback and we do apologize for trouble encountered with the provided modem. Our Technical Team provides assistance for the Basic Settings of the Huawei Modem, however for more advance settings of the device, we suggest to contact Huawei support for the features. 


We've also seen that the your connection concern has been escalated to our Engineers for further evaluation. A technician visit has been requested, further updates about the schedule visit will be provided once available. Thank you.