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HG659 loses port forward settings

Level 2

I have the HG659 and port 443 has been forwarded to widows 10 machine that is alway on running my cam server and also have NGINX reverse proxy configured to handle several of my services. Time to time my web access fail and each time I note the issue is port 443 setting goes missing in the router


in My set up I have removed all functions of the router and only using as internet modem and port forwarding. What I mean is DHCP responsibilities now done by Synology NAS, wifi clients all connect to my TP-Link Access Point (so I have diabled wifi in router) and all LAN clients connec to TP link hub and hub is connected to router.


So I do not have any direct clients in Router


Loosing the port forwarding rule is a big issue for me and I loose remote access to my systems at home. Not sure what is triggering this, Any idea