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Has anyone replaced their supplied Huawei Hg659?

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Has anyone replaced their huawei hg659 with another brand?

It being connected to Tpg Hfc nbn.

if so what brand and model please and how you set it up.



Hi @raymp

You may use any NBN VDSL2 compatible modems and configure it using the following settings.

Username: (Your TPG Account Username)
Password: (Your TPG Account Password)
VLAN: Enabled

We'd like to set your expectation that if you decide to use your own modem, the digital voice service or phone service will not work.

You may visit this website to view the Lists of VDSL2 compatible modems :

Should you require assistance with the set up, please send us a private message with your customer ID/username and your best contact number/time so we can arrange a specialist to contact you.


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I''ve tried using a Netgear Nighthawk D7000 and while I can get it to work, I've found that I get crazy latency (pings above 150ms to AU sites) during peak periods. If I switch back to the TPG supplied router, all my latency issue's disapear. 


So im not sure if there is something dodgy with my router only during peak periods, or if TPG is doing sometihng funky that kills latency if you are not using their supplied hardware. I feel like it is something TPG is doing, but I have no way to prove it.

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I replaced with an asus router, easy setup, connected immediatly