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Help with set up modem Router AX5400

Level 2
My modem was delivered and I thought I would have to just plug it in...wrong! I don’t have a nbn connection box- how/where do I get this and the set up guide booklet has 5 different nbn set up instructions...not sure which one to follow where do I find which one. And do I need a landline?

Hi @Klady,


NBN services installation can generally take 10 working days to be installed however, we quote a standard installation timeframe of 2-30 working days. 


Also, NBN Installation has different Service Class types. Having located your account, yours is under Service Class 34 which means that the NBN NCD is available and remote activation is likely to happen. TPG will  send the modem/router then, customer will connect these devices inside the house. In your case, the NBN NCD might have been taken which should not be the case as the equipment is NBN Co's property. 


Recent update on the account indicated that an appointment for a tech visit is booked on Friday, 18 March 2022 between 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM. Please ensure that you or someone of legal age is present during the visit.


A Case Manager is monitoring the progress of the installation and if you have queries, feel free to let us know.