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How To Set Up D-Link DSL-2888A As WiFi Extender To Archer VR1600v

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Hi there


Approximately 6 months ago I purchased a D-Link DSL-2888A Modem Router to replace the faulty ADSL2+ modem router supplied by TPG.  When we switched to NBN recently, TPG supplied a TP-Link Archer VR1600v modem router.


I recently purchased a Ring Doorbell 2 which drops out intermittently due mainly to a poor WiFi signal at the front door.


I wanted to use my DSL-2888A as a WiFi extender placing it closer to the Ring Doorbell via an Ethernet cable to improve the WiFi signal at the front door.


I have read a few posts on the TPG Community explaining how to link the two modem routers but I have been unable to link them successfully. 


One suggestion was: 


In order to set your D-Link 2888A to a LAN to LAN connection;


1.) Access your D-Link interface (enter in the address bar)

2.) If prompted with a log in screen, click Log In to proceed. No password is enabled by default.

3.) Go to Settings, then click on Network.

4.) Under Network Settings, change the LAN IP Address to, else leave it by default.

5.) Look for DHCP Server, then set it to Disabled.

6.) Save the changes.



If you have to reconfigure the D-Link like changing wifi settings you need to go to


You may now connect the LAN 1 of your D-Link to the LAN 1 of your TPG supplied modem.


I was unable to do as suggested because I can’t get the D-Link modem router to connect to the internet via the DSL connection.  I am assuming that this is what I need to do to change the LAN IP Address as suggested above.


I would be grateful if you could help me set up my internet connection so that my Archer VR1600v modem router remains the primary modem router, and my DSL-2888A acts as a WiFi extender via an Ethernet connection. 



Hi @mcewanz,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We tried to check the manual of the D-Link DSL-2888A, however, there's no Wireless bridging/wireless extender feature on it.


You may need to contact D-Link support directly to guide you on how to set this up in your device.



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Thanks Basil

I'll do as suggested and follow up directly with D-Link.

Kind regards