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How do I directly access a default/dynamic IP provided by TPG (FTTP) using Bridging Mode with VR1600v

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Hi everyone,


I would kindly ask you about how to directly access a default/dynamic IP provided by TPG using Bridging Mode with my VR1600v modem. I am currently on an Ultrafast plan 1000/50 (FTTP).


Hence, in particular, I would like to know the below:


  • Can I directly connect my pc/laptop to my VR1600v after turnning the Bridging mode on to access a default/dynamic IP (not a private ip given by the modem)?
  • If yes, any specific modem settings for that?
  • If No, what shall I do to acheive this goal?

What I am trying to achieve by doing the above is that 1) I would like to directly connect my pc to my VR1600v in briding mode to use a default/dynamic IP (not a private IP) and 2) to connect a seperate router to the VR 1600v (in this case a private IP will be given to the router) for port forwarding.


I am not sure if it's possible to do the above when using an FTTP NBN connection..


Your kind advice would be much appreciated. 


Thanks a lot in advance. 


Bes regards,




Level 15

Hi @aussiessam . The VR1600 is normally put into bridge mode if you have FTTB/FTTN and want to use some other router which doesn't have an RJ11 connector. The VR1600 does VLAN processing and the other router does PPPoE processing and all other router functions, including port forwarding.

When using the ethernet connection for the other NBN connection types, it's apparently not possible to put the VR1600 into bridge mode. Maybe you can experiment.

You have FTTP connection which does not use VLAN ID anyhow. If the VR1600 lacks some feature you want, you can connect any router in place of the VR1600.


When your router connects to TPG, it is given a dynamic ip address. This is the address of your home network seen from the internet; go to    .

You mention port forwarding, so do you want to access your home network from the internet? If so, you set up Dynamic DNS which updates a DDNS provider which updates the internet DNS when your WAN ip address changes.


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Hi @david64 ,


Many thanks for your kind advice. 


Well, from my understanding if I connect another router to the VR1600v without putting the VR1600v in briding mode, the router will be given a private IP address by the VR1600v not a dynamic IP address (which can be checked on 


I would like to actually achieve the below:


1) Getting access to a dynamic ip address from the internet by TPG by connecting my pic directly to the VR1600v in bridging mode

2) Connect another router to the VR1600v in bridging mode and plug my second pc into the router so that my second pc can be given a private IP address given by the router so that I can do port forwarding.


Is the abovementioned possible when using an FTTP connection? As per your kind advice, the VR1600v for an FTTP connection does not make it possible. Then, is it possible if I use a different modem like netcomm nf20 wif6 or something similar?


Once again, your kind advice would be much appreciated. 


Best regards,


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@aussiessam . Port forwarding can be done with the VR1600 in normal mode and using Dynamic DNS. You can only forward a particular port number to one computer at a time. Two computers needing port 80 at same time won't work. One could use port 80, the other port 81.


Usually, a router in bridge mode doesn't do any routing; it's just an interface between RJ11 and ethernet for FTTB and FTTN connections where the user wants to use a better router or one without RJ11 connector.


It might not be possible to put the VR1600 into bridge mode when ethernet WAN (ewan) interface is being used. This is the experiment.

If it were possible, the PC would have to generate the PPPoE protocol needed to connect to TPG. The PC would get a WAN ip address that would be shown by Windows and

I don't know about using other routers.