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How long does a 5G Modem take to 'dispatch' after order has been 'accepted'

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I placed an order for a 5G Home Broadband Premiun plan over the phone on 15/12/2022, and was told my account would be updated once the modem was dispatched. I can see that the order was instantly recieved and accepted after the call ended, however see no information as to when the modem will be sent.
I am moving into a new home soon and need the 5G modem to have internet there, and am beginning to worry I will not have internet over the Holidays.
How long can I expect to wait for the modem to be dispatched? I live in a metropolitan area so am expecting a 1-3 day wait ontop of however long it takes to send the modem itself.


Hi @tristankemp18


We'd like to check on the status of your order and chase this with our logistics team if needed.


Kindly send me a PM with your account details.