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How to add & configure another WiFi router as a bridge to enhance the tp-link AC1600 wifi router cov

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Our home's TPG service had been changed to NBN. Now the problem is the WiFi coverage is inefficient to cover my whole building. There is a Netgear R6220 smart WiFi router in my hand. Are there anyone can help me to configure it as a bridge to enhance the tp-link AC1600 WiFi coverage? By the way, my friends tell me the WDS function can do it but why your tp-link AC1600 don't have this function? and tp-link AC1600's use guide shows that there is a WDS function in it.




A customer of TPG just put up an excellent post on how to setup the TP-Link VR1600v in Bridge mode.

You can find it here.


You can then put a Router with more Wifi range behind it.


TPG do not support 3rd party equipment so you would need to be able to configure this device yourself.