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How to set up TP-Link VR2100v

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Level 2

Trying to upgrade from tpg supplied TP-Link VR1600v to TP-Link VR2100v I purchased recently. Have screen captured settings from vr1600v while online, connected with tpg. After switching to the vr2100v and entering captured settings my desktop can get online while connected via ethernet to the vr2100v. No devices can get online via wifi, my tablet says it can connect to the network but has no internet access. 

There are some differences between the settings pages so something might have been missed. Would appreciate any advice as to which settings to look at. Or advice if some settings need to be different given its a different  modem/router.


Connected home phone to the vr2100v in same way the phone connects to vr1600v (DSL to DSL, phone to Phone1). Not sure if phone works yet. VR2100V instructions want to use a dsl splitter (DSL splitter outputs line to DSL router IN, and line to phone itself.

LED'S on the VR2100V all light up - power, dsl, internet, lan, wireless 2.4ghz and 5ghz.

Currently, back using vr1600v while trying to troubleshoot vr2100v set up. Hopefully someone  can help me.

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Hi @Rod . The home phone only works with the TPG supplied router which has to be the one connected to the phone socket. A splitter is not used. Other phone outlets must be empty.

Since your desktop works with VR2100, it is configured correctly.

When your tablet connects to the wifi network, does it get an ip address? In Settings, Wifi, tap the connection; it shows wifi connection speed and ip address.

When you try the tablet on the VR2100, turn the VR1600 off.

Can you see the tablet in the Client List in VR2100 admin? Advanced, Network, LAN Settings.

Does the IP Address Pool have a range of values (100-199)?

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Level 2

Hi @david64 . Thanks for your reply. Being school holidays I have only just managed to get my son offline to try again with the vr2100v. Your mentioning turn the vr1600v off, reminded me that I hadn't. I had left the vr1600 powered On while disconnected from the DSL line and the cord for the phone unplugged. Doh. Obvisously, the vr1600v's Wifi signals were still operating. As I copied settings for the vr1600v to the vr2100v, including keeping the same SSIDs, IP reservations, white lists, etc, in the hope of making a quicker upgrade the vr1600v Wifi was found not the vr2100v Wifi. 

Today turned the vr1600v Off and the new vr2100v On. The vr2100v is allowing both ethernet and wifi devices to access local network and the internet. So thanks for that simple fix.


I do still have a problem as the phone is not working. When I try calling from my mobile the landline phone doesn't ring and my mobile tells me that the "line is congested" and reads out an error code? "OCA0142". Physical setup is same as for the vr1600v - phone handset cord connected to Phone1, wall socket cord connected to DSL line in. Splitter not used. As far as I know I have typed in the same settings the vr1600v uses. But the vr2100v does have a few more menu options I'm not sure about. I bought the vr2100v as an upgrade for its features, because its a TP-Link product, and menu and settings would be similiar to vr1600v. As we have a landline phone, this wireless Telephony DSL/ADSL Modem Router looked a good choice. Any settings you know I should check?

Was hoping to use the vr2100v as main modem/router with phone, and turn my vr1600v into Wifi repeater/ext AP. If that's not possible, if I set the vr1600v as a modem only and use the vr2100v as the router, will the vr1600v still provide a working landline phone service?

Would appreciate any help/advice.

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Hi @Rod . TPGs VOIP service only works with the VR1600 connected to phone line in active mode, not bridge mode. The VR2100 would only be an access point. (The VR1600 has customised firmware for VOIP and the menu system shows no info on it.)

To have the VR2100 as main router would need you to find a third party VOIP provider (at extra cost) and enter their settings. Then add on the VR1600 as cabled extender.  

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Hey Rod
Did you ever get anywhere with the phone settings? It seems counter intuitive that upgrading with the same brand would render phone inoperative and anticompetitive for tpg to restrict modern to their own supplied. Surely this is illegal.
How did you go? Was there a solution?
Had to replace supplied modem as it was faulty, and the upgrade to higher spec model seemed logical and quicker too.
Cheers, m