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How to set up a bridge on Archer vr1600v and Synology RT2600ac AC2600

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Hoping you can help me out. I have NBN FTTN with a Archer vr1600v Router linked to the NBN NTD box. I then have a Synology RT2600ac AC2600 router in DHCP mode for the WIFI network as the Archer vr1600v wifi is too unreliable.


I've seen in a previous post ( that is is possible to do away with the Archer vr1600v router all together and via PPPoE connection just link to the NBN NTD box. I have posted an image of my settings I am using in the Synology router, hoping someone can see why it isnt working?


Just for clarification, I have the NBN NTD box from the UNI-D Port connected to the WAN port of the Synology RT2600ac AC2600 router. Changed connection type to PPPoE and input my TPG username and pass. Is there any other settings required (see attached screen1).



Thanks for any help you can offer




Hi @straatocaster


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It appears that you're on the NBN HFC technology for your service. We require VLAN ID to be set to 2 for the service to work. This means that the device that you need to connect to the NBN Arris box should allow (or capable of) VLAN tagging. Most stand alone routers don't have VLAN tagging yet.


I tried to check but I can't seem to find the information as to where you can set the VLAN ID or if your router even allows it but to no avail. You might want to check with the router support first.


Please note that in the event that you're able to set this router as your main connection device, the homephone won't work since the VOIP settings is pre-configured to the modem we supplied.




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Hi Kim @straatocaster 


You can adjust the IPTV settings on the synology router to replace the supplied TPG router.