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Huawei HG659 - failover with USB dongle?

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According to one community question in 2017, the Huawei HG659 modem doesn't support failover via USB dongle. However, I've seen posts on other boards made in 2018-2019 that claim the current firmware does support this function. Is this true?


We are on Fixed Wireless with home phone (via VOIP) bundled. I have had multiple issues with very long service outages recently. We're undergoing one right now, and had another long interruption just a few days ago. We had another a few months ago that lasted for several days. These outages knock out our home phone along with our internet connection. I would very much like to have a 4G backup connection so we can at least do some basic web browsing and authenticate our Plex premium pass during these outages.


If this modem is not capable, would there be any barrier to replacing it with a third-party modem/router that does?


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Currently, we don't have any firmware that will support the 4G backup connection with your modem/router.


Using a third party modem/router may work with the internet service, but the bundled VoIP phone will not since the settings of it is embedded in the given modem/router.


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