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Installing New Router

Level 2

I purchased a new router as the WiFi signal from the standard issue one is terrible around our home. But when I go through the set up it says the internet is not connected. When I switch back to the old router it works straight away.

The router is a WAVLINK Aerial G2. Is this compatible with FTTC NBN?

Level 12

Hi @theGROUCH . You need to set VLAN ID=2 on the WAN connection. The manual doesn't show how to do this. You may have to use the Wavlink as an access point connected to the old router.

Level 2
Thanks @david64 for your reply. There was no option for that on the router, so I have had to set it up as a bridge.

It’s annoying having two routers on display, but I do get around 50MBPS in most areas of my home now.

Thanks for your help