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Installing a 5G modem Sagemcom Fast 5866T

Level 2

I've  successfully installed the 5866T on my macs, iphones, Tv's and my Epson printer. email. internet and downstreaming all working well.  However no of my devices recognise my Epson printer saying it is offline.  Why is this andhow do I fix it, please.  I have pinged the printer successfully and the printer works when connected by cable. 

Any help would be appreciated


Level 15

Hi @andrewb . Network printing uses ports 515 and 9100. With your Mac and printer both on wifi, try the following commands. Telnet is for Windows but Mac might use netcat command.

Printer should have a reserved ip address in router, eg

telnet 515

telnet 9100

In each case, there should be an indication of a connection. 

You can try this first with the printer on ethernet to see how it goes.

If you don't get a connection on wifi, it could be a wireless setting AP Isolation being enabled, but I don't know where that is on the Sagemcom.