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I just want to say I am very angry by the way I have been treated with TPG and wish I had never used your services. I have been a loyal customer since 2016 and have endured poor service, crappy support and continual drop outs which have escalted for the last 12 months. But you saved your best until last. I contacted Aussie BB months ago to have our internet moved across and were advised by them not to cancel our exisiting service (on mutiple occasions) until the porting of our phone was completed. This occured yesterday. I rang to confirm that TPG was in fact cancelling our service and I was told that I would have to pay TPG for another 30 days of NO INTERNET. Because I did what I was asked to do! Not good enough TPG and I will make sure that everyone I can reach on social media will know how you like to rip of loyal hardworking customers who have always done the right thing by you. 



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