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Mesh Network with VR 1600 Router

Level 3
I am confused. Similar posts on this site seem encouraging but I spoke to TPG support and they tell me this model router is not compatible with any mesh system.
Has anyone had success with the Tenda Nova MW6 mesh system? Has anyone had success with any mesh system? Please help! The Archer VR1600 is not powerful enough without some help.
TPG support said the company is in the process of sourcing a better, mesh compatible router but I don’t know where the true facts lie.
Level 8

Hi @dennisc Welcome to TPG community, a mesh system is best used to handle all the WiFi in your network, this means you should be disabling the built in WiFi in the VR1600v.


There was maybe a misunderstanding with what you were trying to achieve with the VR1600v as it doesn't have mesh functionality built in. It can either be used on it's own or with a separate mesh system, you won't be able to combine the VR1600v's internal WiFi with a third party mesh system and have just one SSID.


The best way is to use a separate mesh system to provide all the WiFi and hence a single SSID, this system simply connects to a LAN port on the VR1600v.


I'm using a TP-Link Deco M5 system with my VR1600v router and it has been excellent, with on average 6-7 client devices connected most of the time. Great coverage and reliable performance, there are many brands and models available on the market, I'll have a look at the Tenda Nova MW6 system to see how it compares the the Deco M5 on paper.



Level 3

Thanks very much.  Look forward to what you find.



Level 3

I got the Tenda MW6 and so far, it does a very good job.  Set up was very easy and coverage/speed are good.  So far so good.