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Replace TP-Link VR1600v for FTTB connection

Level 2

Hi, TPG sent me TP-Link VR1600v modem for my FTTB connection. This modem has a poor range coverage, I can't use it in my bedroom which only 5 metters away. 


do you have device with better coverage? can you send me one? or you could send me a recommendation and I will buy it. 

Level 15

Hi @hobken . This is the standard router from TPG. They won't recommend a specific brand.

On your phone or tablet, what signal strength and wifi connection speed do you get close to the router compared to in your bedroom?

For FTTB, the router needs RJ11 DSL connector which not all models have. It needs to be able to set VLAN ID=2 to connect to TPG. Unless you change to data-only BYO plan (no phone service).

Level 2

Just switched to NetGear D700 AC1900, way much better now