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I have an NBN Cable SL Bundle 25 connected to TPG provided modem router (archer vr 1600v). I wish to add a mesh kit. What mesh kits are compatible with this modem router and the current plan specs?

Hi @worktolive ,


Any mesh-device should work using our supplied TP-Link vr1600


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Hi @worktolive . If you use the VOIP home phone, the Archer has to be the main router. Anything extra that you connect can only be an access point. In this case, you might only need a wifi extender.

If you don't use the VOIP phone, you can replace the Archer with a mesh system and make full use of its capabilities.

If you don't want the Archer BUT you have FTTB or FTTN, the mesh unit needs the RJ11 DSL port. Otherwise, you need to keep the Archer to provide the physical interface. But, it can be put into bridge mode so the mesh unit functions as a router.

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Thank you for providing this information. We do use the voip so will need to keep the Archer router. 

The issue we have is that there are certain parts of the house where signal is weak and it causes drop outs or slow processig. We need to be able to reach both ends of the house and thought that a mesh kit would be the best option. We are considering the following

TP-Link Deco S4(3-pack) Whole Home Mesh Wifi System $199
TP-Link AC1900 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (3-Pack). $247