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Modem Turning Power off

Level 2

Friends ..I am really struggling here and need your genuine advice. 



Modem is getting power off hundred times in a day intermittantly  >> Report to TPG >> Suspect on Modem >> Deliver new Modem TPLINK AC1600 >> Same issue of Modem Power off >> TPG raised ticket to NBN >> AGain Modem is the suspect >> Again Request submitted for new modem 


Not sure if the new modem here help to resolve the issue . Can someone please advise.



Hi @shail1947 . Have you tried a different power point. If using a power board, different outlet on board. Or extension cord temporarily if no other power point close by.

I doubt that NBN can send commands to router to turn it off. If it happens so often, remove data cables from Tplink and leave it switched on and see what happens.

Does the unit feel hot? It does get warm but no so hot you can't touch it.

Is it near anything that gets hot?

What do you do to get the unit back on?