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Hi Guys 


Just signed up to TPG after 15+ years With Telstra!


I have a question around set up


I know I will be getting a TPlink VR1600V router but as I have alot of smart home products (Lights, Google Homes, Alexa's and multiple wifi tablets/phones, the Teltra provided one was stuggling and dropping devices once I hit about 25-26 so I had gone out an bought a Netgear Nighthawk X46 (D7800)....Its pretty quick and have had no issues with it since (last year or so)


My Question is should I just keep the VR1600V as backup and connect the Nighthawk as the sole device or should I (or do I have to ) set up the VR1600V as the modem, then bridge the Nighthawk for all wifi connections ?


Whats the best option or is there other options I can do that may be better ?....Looking for advice/best practice


Hi @onemadgooner 


The homephone service will only work using a TPG-supplied modem. Therefore, if you need to use the homephone service, then, you need to set up the TP-Link as your main modem. Else, you can just simply use the Netgear D7800 as a stand alone modem seeing that your modem is tagged as HFC-compatible by Netgear.



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ok thanks mate, I dont even want the phone line but it comes with Smiley Happy 



Ok so that would be the best option then ? Use the netgear on its own, no advantage to using both? 


If you want to use the TPG Modem, we'll leave the network configuration on the TPG modem, turn the Wi-Fi off and you can configure your own equipment to work as a router only.


If you're not going to the VoIP service on the TPG supplied modem, you can simply connect your equipment directly to the NBN Arris box and make sure to configure its network settings.