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Hi there,

Does anyone know how many days does it take usually to deliver a modem in clayton suburb? It was dispatched on 21st February


Hi @Noshin,


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Standard equipment delivery takes 1-2 working days within metro and 3-4 working days outside metro.


Let me know should you require further assistance.



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Thanks for your reply. I couldn’t receive the modem as I got the miss delivery card in my post box. So, hopefully I am going to post office to take it in person.

Can you elaborate the process what will happen after I receive the modem? How can I get my internet connection faster?


Hi @Noshin,


You may contact Startrack at 132345 to check the whereabouts of the equipment. Once the equipment is received, please keep it disconnected until the installation is completed.


As per checking, you have ordered TPG ADSL2+ with Home Phone and the installation time frame for this type of service is 10-20 business days.


At the moment, we are yet to receive an installation date from our wholesale partner-Telstra, but you will receive an email notification as soon as the information becomes available.


In addition, the email contains information about what will happen on the installation date.


You can also track the progress of your order here:


Moreover, once the installation is completed, you can connect the modem directly to the first telephone socket.


To set up the equipment, you can use this link for reference: ADSL2+ with Home Phone Support:


Should you require assistance, please let us know so we can have a specialist contact you instead.