Modem details

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Considering signing with TPG but need details on the modem I'd be given.

  1. How many wifi devices will it support at a time?
  2. Can I configure the DHCP options? 
  3. What sort of coverage does it give? (I'd rather avoid having to run a repeater or two)

Can I upgrade to a better one for a fee? At least one of the other ISP's I look at allows me to pay extra for want looks like a better modem than their standard one.





Hi @xyloidhead


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out to us here. 


In order for us to get an idea on what we can offer, kindly PM me your complete service address so we can determine the type of service available in your area.  


Hi @xyloidhead, thanks for providing your address via PM.


I can confirm that your address is TPG NBN HFC serviceable and the modem that we currently supply for this service is TP Link VR 1600v.

1. The modem/router can support up to 30 device.

2. The DHCP option is partially configurable. The modem's firmware is customized.

3. It is AC Dual Band; the range depends on many factors like interference of other devices and environment and cannot be described just by one number.

Theoretically WiFi routers operating on the 2.4 GHz band reach up to 46 m inside and 92 m outside.  The range on 5 GHz (Faster Data Rates) band reached probably 30% of the 2.4GHZ distance.


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