Modem doesn’t work

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Hi, my modem has not been working since 18/3/19 around 2pm, even the power does not turn on! I have tried other power sockets and still nothing. It appears the modem is broken. Could this please be rectified immediately as my family has to use our phone data and there is no response when I call TPG. Thanks so much.
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Just saw the email there is maintenance. I will wait till 22nd for this to be resolved. Thanks.

Hi @royavee8,


Welcome to the TPG Community!


 I've located your account using your Community details and ran remote tests, it appears that the maintenance is still ongoing. 


Regarding your modem, were you able to test again if it's turning on already? 


Please let us know so we can assist you accordingly.





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No, the modem still doesn’t even power on! Still no wifi or home phone. It’s nearly been a week and our mobile data useage is going to cost a lot now. Please help us as soon as possible.



I understand, @royavee8


We will request for a modem replacement. The approving department though is closed over the weekends so the soonest we can get an update will be on Monday. 







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I informed you on Wednesday this was the case. To be honest I’m really not happy and I expect reimbursement for no service for an entire week and poor response to resolve the issue. Will the approval take long? Or am I still not going to have a new modem on Monday either and another week without internet and home phone?

Apologies for the trouble this issue is causing you, @royavee8.


We know how inconvenient to pay for a service that you are not getting as we are customers as well.


We'd like to set your expectation that we don't provide monetary compensation, but, we will assess a billing adjustment as soon as the issue is resolved.


With regard to the modem replacement, please PM us the shipping address, so we can send the request and we'll chase it on Monday to fast track the delivery.


We'll wait for the details. Thank you.