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UPnP - NAT Type Moderate

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Hey guys,


I am an advid Xbox gamer but ever since connecting to TPG NBN FTTP internet, I have been having trouble with my xbox live sitting in moderate. 


I have enabled the UPnP setting on the router and reset both the modem and the xbox serveral times, but I am having no luck in getting the NAT type back to open. 


I have tried to follow microsofts instructions about port forwarding but I coudn't even see that option in my TP-LINK Archer1200 modem... 


On the xbox itself, it states that UPnP not successful Smiley Sad 




Hi @Anthonybee,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We have a post by one of our customers who fixed this issue.


You may visit this link and check if the same trick will resolve your concern.


If not, please let us know and will check it further for you.


Kind regards,