Modem problems.

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Dear TPG.

The solid intenet light keeps flashing and causes connection dropout and the unit has to be reset,in less than a minute the light start flashing again,We made a phone call to tpg and we were told that our line is ok as it has a steady transmission,We would like that the modem should be replaced as its happening all the time.

Thank you.

Modem was supplied with our package when we joined TPG almost a decade ago.




Hi @rzanoni1952


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I was able to check your connection status and based on the tests, we can confirm that the connection works fine and that it's stable. It's possible that the trouble you're experiencing could be WIFI-related which may or may not be resolved by replacing your modem.


That being said, I understand if you'd like to proceed with getting a new modem. Seeing that your modem is out of warranty, I can have a specialist to call you to process a modem purchase.


Please send me a PM providing your preferred contact number and the best time to reach you.


How to PM? Click this link.


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